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Carson Yeung and Birmingham City Football Club.

Carson Yeung and Birmingham City Football Club.

Former Birmingham City football chairman Carson Yeung has been jailed for 6 years after being convicted for money laundering. The one time superstar hairdresser lost his case after nearly 3 years of trial and many more in investigation.

The man who brought cup success to Birmingham City when they won the 2010/2011 League Cup Final against Arsenal, also brought shame when he let Pater Pannu (a ex Kong Kong policeman) get his grubby hands on Birmingham City’s finances and consequently paid himself loads of money in fee’s and wages.

The six years prison for Carson Yeung represent one of two things:

1. He is a member of some criminal organisation and used his hairdressing salons and attempted to use Birmingham City as a way to clean dirty money.


2. He really upset some powerful forces in China and they wanted to send out a message to others that if you do not play ball with them they will crush your empire.

Both arguments seem reasonable and both arguments unfair as they do not do justice to both the courts and Carson Yeung since the only evidence that hold the case up is that he had £7.7 million which he said was winnings from gambling and the court said were not winnings from gambling!

In the end his ambitions seemed fair but his path to glory was covered with treachery.