Game Of Thrones Is Weird

Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones

What a silly programme that Game of Thrones is? This so called hit TV series is basically Lord of The Rings with naked women. I bet the people that created this program used to play Dungeons and Dragons as children.

What is the program about? Well I am not entirely sure. It is collection of standard nerd musing with naked women to decorate the scenery. Look at the throne itself. Why would you design a throne that uncomfortable? If you are king you would have a nice, imposing chair, not a chair which looks like it was designed by the cardinals of the Spanish Inquisition.

Game of Thrones is ok to have in the background while playing poker because the images and dialogue are like a super fast train coming straight at you – obvious and noisy.

Fair play to the producers, watch Lord Of The Rings and read about the War of  The Roses and away you go, mugs all over the World walk around in costumes and the President of the USA gets special viewing…happy days!