KnaveCoin – The New Currency For Everyone!


You have probably heard of Bitcoin which we along with other people thought was a load on nonsense. But since the halcyon days when 1 Bitcoin was worth $1,000 we thought that it was time to join the band wagon.

Since crypto-currency can be held by anyone and allow those holders to do with it what ever they want it is only right and proper that this website create a coin for that purpose. We all love to predict the future and therefore, we have decided to have a currency and machine to do this. We have created a pari-mutuel engine to allow our followers and readers to tell us what is right and wrong and stick their KNC (KnaveCoin)  where their opinion states.

To join this massive experiment you can go to PoolKnave Pari-Mutuel Predictor (PoolKnave PM) and register an account; send your username to and claim your free Knavecoins. For security reasons your account will then convert the coins to PK’s (100 pk’s = 1 KNC) and then you can start to make your opinions known. If  reality prove you right you win! If not you lose.

As you know we pontificate on all sorts of things, so you can either play us or lay us. This has never happened before and we are glad that you now have the opportunity to beat the bankers and the hedge fund managers. Take this opportunity to create a new economic paradigm and it will not cost you a penny, dollar, yen or euro.

Knavecoins are free, please do not abuse the freebies but let your friends know about this as they will help in dismantling the greed which allow the financial charlatans to run amok.

Knave Coin