Drop Drones On Boko Haram

Boko Haram logo and flag

Boko Haram logo and flag

I am fed up with all this spiral of hate and death called Al Qaeda and its affiliates. The latest retards are called Boko Haram who want to bring ‘sharia law’ to Nigeria and stop women from going to school because there is an emphasis on western education.

The problem is most western education especially in science has its roots from Muslim thinkers hence Arabic words such as algorithm, algebra, arithmetic…!

But these Saudi Arabian financed nut cases are determined to dumb down the world by using its oil revenues to create death and destruction with the compliance of western leaders because of the financial future bonds the Saudis own and their impeccable hatred of ‘The Persian’ (Iran).

So in the meantime while the Saudis and the Western leaders destroy 80 years of progressive education, welfare and social mobility with the use of religious violence. The poor are ending up fighting amongst themselves, women are put into mental chains and fairy stories get more prominence than scientific thinking.

It is time to drop drones on these religious fanatics. Why because killing people because they refuse to believe in made up stories of miracles and supernatural happenings is no longer funny. Boko Haram are the latest of a long line of religious idiots who make money scaring people into believing their rubbish.

Dropping drones on them and their lair will put science back on top and teach them that knowing stuff is more powerful than believing stuff.

Watch the useful idiot go through his repertoire of stupidity, its amazing!

Boko Haram Leader Shekau Releases Video On Abduction Of Chibok Girls

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