Poker Steal My Suhshine


How are you supposed to play online poker when the Sun is so gorgeous?

The Sun is so beautiful at the moment I am so tempted to forget about pre-flop raise and go out and check out the fillies while enjoying a pint or two in some city centre bar. This is such a tough choice – reloading in a unlimited re-buy or chilling with a pint or four, talking to some fit office workers about the joys of holidaying on the Costa Brava? Hmmm tough choice!

Obviously I could take the lap top with me and grind away in the pub, but, somehow this kind of defeat the object of the exercise and eventually is a bit sad.

I could use a phone and play surreptitiously while pretending to be one of those super-geeks or even loser nerds updating my profile and having a conversation on Google+ . However, it will soon be clear that I don’t wear those Google glasses and therefore I cannot be an incredible silly computer corporate hanger on. You know those who whoop and cheer when Apple or Google bring out a new product which increases the rate in which they steal our identity and sell it to plutocrats to make more money.

Why does Google continue to push Google+ when it is clear that we now know what it is and we are not impressed. Facebook is bad enough, but Google+ is like Facebook without the idiotic behaviour which makes it very dull indeed.

Anyway back to the hard choice of semi bluffing and filling the stomach with Mexican style larger. I have finally come to a decision and that decision will be having a liquid picnic in the park, having a few throw away bets on the horses. There it wasn’t that difficult was it.

Len – Steal My Sunshine

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Brand New Heavies “Never Stop”

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Jamiroquai – Rappers Delight

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