Royalty At Play

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I blame the French revolution! In fact I blame the English Civil War as well.  If they didn’t cut off the heads of states head their would still be belief that royalty were representatives of god and had the ability to cure sick people because the royal families had ‘blue blood’.

When the world didn’t blow up after the problems of the subjects making a nuisance of themselves what is the point of royalty?

So the aristocracy created a new role which was real life reality TV celebrity, but with a difference they had a say in politics if only as a figure head. Fair enough. The only problem is that there are still some people who love the idea of being subjects and get upset when the royals are treated like celebrities. The reason why is that anyone can be a celebrity you do not need talent to be a celebrity. Likewise you do not need talent to be a royal. 

Hence the situation in which the Princess Srirasmi appears topless and the Duchess of Cambridge bottomless. This happens all the time in celebrityland but for some reason because they are royal this is bad taste…Viva La Revolución! I say.

Duchess of Cambridge Bottom

Duchess of Cambridge Derrière

P.S Princess Srirasmi has form when it comes to being topless at parties as Wikileaks put out sometime ago.

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