Lets Get Rid Of Religion

Meriam Ibrahim and husband

Meriam Ibrahim and husband

I am sick and tired of religious people. They are boring me to bits, with their naive nonsense and almost childlike belief in mystical beings.

The reason why I am fed up with religious people is that they always want to kill other people who do not subscribe to their fantasies.

What is wrong with these people, can’t they go and do what they want and leave others to do what they want? Religious people are always sticking their noses into other peoples business.

Look, humans will believe in all sorts of stuff, but please do not expect me to validate every silly theory made up by men looking for power! Men looking for power will always have a direct link to some superior being that only they can get in touch with. Therefore, you have to give them respect and money for this bit of opportune knowledge. 

The only problem is that these individuals in touch with the supernatural know it is rubbish therefore they will kill anyone who do not believe or submit to them. Hence we have a woman in Sudan about to be killed because she has a mind of her own, two women raped and murdered in India because their religion said they are no more better than animals and higher caste members decided to rape and kill the lower caste women, obviously we have those chaotic fruitcakes in Nigeria who are having a war on women reading books, plus, in Northern Ireland a vicar has decided he wants to start a war on Islam…well why not? 

All these religious people just want to kill people and say that some higher being has told them to do it. In the USA there are men and women who are actively looking for the ‘end of times’ because it vindicates them spending thousands on guns and bullets. Basically they will be disappointed if there is not any chaos so are looking to bring it forward a little bit.

Anyway here is the final bit, Uganda want a role as human rights watchdog manager but they have decided that gay people can be killed. If the UN give the human right commission to a Ugandan official then they have no right and Ban Ki Moon should get the sack.

Religion is a mental illness that all humans succumbed too. But it should not have any leverage over common sense