Dont Bet When Playing Poker

Júlio César Soares de Espíndola

Júlio César Soares de Espíndola

Being a bit of a nerd, geek and anorak sometimes I can get over involved in predicting outcomes of events. Obviously with poker being a game of skill and psychology any monies is seen as an investment, unless you are in a bingo tournament where you shout house when you aces hold up against a all in player who has 10 – deuce.

So with the World Cup 2014 in full flow it is great to have a dabble with a couple of online poker game while watching the football and making some winning bets. Yesterday I had backed the Brazil v Chile game to end in a draw. I went further and had a bet on it being 2 – 2 and went further still to predict that Brazil would win in extra time. However, as it transpired the game did end in a draw but it was very close. This led to some bad moves on the poker tables and my nerves was pulped.

Consequently, the poker session had ended as having Brazil progress to the quarter finals is a very important situation because I feel that Brazil may get knocked out in the quarter finals and I have various bets on this occurring. The only problem I see is not Neymar the wonderkind of Brazilian football but the goalkeeper Julio Cesar who has been a revelation.  

Usual Brazilian goalkeepers are goalkeepers in name only, but this one surely looks the business and he is the one that could trip up my bets on Friday (4th July, 2014). Colombia look like a decent team that can defend and score goals. 

By the way Uruguay have already started to spin the line that Suarez was not to blame for Uruguay’s exit. Oh yes he was as the reason why I went big on Colombia beating Uruguay was for the fact that Saurez was not playing for Uruguay, and, Uruguay without Saurez is a far from interesting proposition. So for Saurez biting fetishness was Colombia’s saviour. Get used to it and no poker this Friday!