Cameroon And Corruption

Alex Song sent off

Alex Song sent off during Cameroon v Croatia match.

Wilson Raj Perumal the convicted football match-fixed apparently predicted on Facebook that Cameroon would lose 4 – 0 against Croatia and would also have a player sent off. 

Well the match ended up 4 – 0 to Croatia and a player Alex Song was sent off.

However, Wilson Raj Perumal now saying that he made the whole thing up and he is sorry that he has brought distress to the Cameroon’s football governing body. Der Spiegel the magazine that was having a chat with Wilson Raj Perumal before the match claim that it’s story of the chat is true and he did say all these things about a fixed game at least a couple of hours before the game started.

This is big and needs to be clarified straight away. The one thing about football is that it is an easy game and anyone can play it. The game as always proud it self on being clean and fair, but, this accusation on the biggest stage for football is so huge it needs to be sorted ASAP!

Obviously the simplest way to do this is by releasing the Facebook conversation for the whole world to see. Anyone that use Facebook know that there is a timeline. Release the information and the time that it was posted.

This is doubly important as we all like to have a bet on football and we need to know if it is a rigged game or not.