World Cup Drinking Games

Brasil 2014

It is going to be difficult to play poker while watching the football as the Semi-Finals is the point when everything gets really serious. So, do not bother trying to grind and get into the spirit of the game and get blindingly drunk in the process. 

Drinking games are better with shots and liquor’s rather than pints so I recommend sloe gin as it is not to harsh on the throat.

The theme of the drinking game is how many platitudes, clichés and cheesy sayings the commentators can make. Here are my list:

1. “Early doors”

2. “A game of two halves”

3. “Its all to play for”

4. “End-to-end stuff”

5. “Setting out their stall”

6. ”On paper…”

And finally a special double when the camera man does a close up of a pretty lady who is looking at her smart phone, then realise she is on the big screen and starts jumping up and down.