People Are Really Stupid

Cameron's Chicks

Cameron’s Chicks

In a week which started with John Boehner suing President Obama because he didn’t carry out policy John Boehner didn’t like, which led to Sarah Palin saying well why don’t you go all the way and impeach President Obama, at which Speaker Boehner said no!!!??? So in the end a pointless law suit will go ahead but an effective law suit – impeachment will not.

Carried through with Lionel Messi getting player  of the tournament even though he was THE laziest player with only goalkeepers moving less than Messi. How can a player who is undoubtedly talented, be given an award as the most effective paleyer when there where really great players such as Robbin and Rodriguez who clearly did more damage to opposing side than Messi?

We then had David Cameron announcing that he was promoting more women to cabinet because there was no legislation to do and he needed a nice photo opportunity to dispel the argument that he only gave jobs to his male friends. The fact that he did this stunt letting everyone know that the women will not do any damage since no major legislation will be enacted, clearly is not how you spin a political act, but this is what he did and guess what his poll number went up!

Then Todd Akin came back and said his ‘legitimate rape’ theory was not silly but is highly rigorous in thought and deed.

Finally, we had Russia Today television station trying to dance on a pin head of credibility about the shooting down of MH17 Malaysia Airline plane. Sooner or later RT will have to make a decision will they upset Putin or will they lose all sense of honesty by lying to the public?

The thing is there will be people who will support a law suit but not impeachment,  think Messi was the best player of World Cup 2014, buy into Cameron’s Chicks as final evidence that the Tory party is truly a people friendly party, agree that legitimate rape would enable a woman to ”…shut the whole thing down…” and it was Ukraine’s fault and responsibility for the shooting down of the airplane and Putin is a man of peace.