St Balthasar Needs To Help Me Now….!

St. Balthasar

St. Balthasar, the Patron Saint of Playing Card Manufacturers

In a world which is witnessing death cults setting up states in the Middle East, nationalist in Scotland looking to ‘Balkanise’ the UK, USA still convulse by race and immigration, Putin trying to revive a fascistic version of the USSR and plutocracy seeming on a road to total control of the 99.9% of the world and its resources, all I can worry about is my dire poker playing skills!

At this moment in time I could not win a game if I had a string of Aces and Kings against people who would bet on two flies walking on a window pane. I just cannot seem to let go losing hands. Hands that I know are losing I will hang on and then pay off my opponent by calling their nuts…! People do not even have to bluff or try any dodgy shenanigans I will call, call and call again.

Therefore, I need some external help and the first thing that came into my head was some sort of spiritual intervention. Why not? If it is good for those crazy people who chop off peoples head or blow up family planning clinics then I might as well give it a go. After all you might as well play the percentages and do a Pascal’s Gamble.

Some might say that I should just go to a poker clinic, but, what would be the fun i  that I might as well look at videos and read books. No! Spiritual awakening is the way to go and St Balthazar or Balthasar played the role of a gambling Robin Hood. I like to see myself as a gambling Robin Hood. I try to facilitate the destruction of bookies and soppy gamblers. The only problem now is that I have become a soppy gambler and the only thing that is saving me is my role as a bookmaker or turf accountant. As a bookmaker/ turf accountant I usually have a bit of flair but recently I have just played the numbers and guaranteed wins – because I am scared of losing – which just is not right.

So please St Balthasar give me back my mojo so that I can at least play poker with a modicum of skill and be a bookie with a sense of adventure. 

As a slight digression, Poker Totty Venus is aiming to produce regular betting tips on European football. Now this should be interesting as there will be no place to hide with her tips and things could be interesting either to back or to lay.