Thank You Larry Klayman You’ve Made My Day

Larry Klayman

Larry Klayman

Thank you Mr Larry Klayman who has come up with a wonderful idea of taking President Barack Obama to court to remove him from the country for being an illegal alien! Yes after six years as President, 300+ million people were hoodwinked by a low intelligent, communist, Muslim, affirmative action, Kenyan, gay community organiser and those who are in or near power did nothing about it. Even to this day President Obama political enemies such as John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin will not tell the truth to the American people that Obama was born in Kenya!

So either Larry Klayman or Sarah Palin is being thick, dishonest or silly? One of them is so delusional that they should be nowhere near sharp objects or elected office as they  will do damage to themselves and others.

Thank you for this necessary diversion Mr Klayman for giving me this little light relief. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting the outcome to change. So the collective mental breakdown by the conservatives within the US of A is both alarming and funny at the same time. For Obama it is great news that this law suit is out there as it confirms to the electorate that the GOP cannot be in charge of the nuclear weapons and the economy.

Having political . activist who work with nutters is both scary and funny at the same time. I sometimes believe that Obama is financing these individuals and organisation because its not right what they say and do, therefore leaving a ‘smell’ which will put of any sane human being. Also, it is very cost effective because it is funny and humour is a great way of getting a point across. The point being that the right wing are unhinged, racist and irrational.

For us onlookers who are not directly involved in the US political process it is no more than an amusing bit of theater. How can the most powerful country the world has ever seen be so deranged and psychologically damaged? Don’t these lunatics have some sort of self control that questions what they are saying and doing? Clearly they have gone beyond the point in which reality is part of their environment and they now inhabit another dimension. 

The fun continues until the US political system truly dysfunction and give these people real power. However, so far so good the sensible option is still being chosen and the rest of the world can breathe a sigh of relief.