Special Offer For Bitcoin Garden Users

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The Knavecoin/Poolknave Pari-Mutuel Predictor promotion is about to get better. We are offering all new registration from Bitcoin Garden a great new offer. By joining Poolknave Pari-Mutuel Predictor – the latest innovation in ‘crowd thinking’ – not only will you get 200KNC which is valued at £200, but, if you post your Knavecoin ewallet address along with your username from you Poolknave Pari-Mutuel Predictor account on this topic, we will send you an additional 100KNC (valued at £100) direct to your wallet address!

Yes that is a massive 50% bonus on top of the Poolknave Pari-Mutuel Predictor bonus as a thank you for letting us promote our crazy game of Gwapex – which is all about predicting the flyers and divers in the altcoin prices. With so many coins out and about it was clear that picking the winners and losers in the altcoin/crypto currency field was always going to be ‘interesting’pursuit, hence our game.

If you have not had a go at our attempt to bring sense to this extremely exciting brave new world, then join up now and use our system to predict the flyers and divers at minimum risk to yourself. You can also use Poolknave Pari-Mutuel Predictor to find out what people think on all sorts of events. Everything from ‘Who Killed Lucy Beale’ from TV Eastenders to ‘The Winner of NBA 2014/15’.

You can even suggest events on which you can place your predictions and find out what others think or can be persuaded to think. The Poolknave Pari-Mutuel Predictor is a unique market/opinion research concept and is totally anonymous, with the added benefit that if you get your predictions right you gain Knavecoins. Cconversely if you get it wrong you lose Knavecoins. It is not rocket science, it is summarizing all the known, unknown, known unknown and unknown unknown to channel Donald Rumsfeld, into a simple choice. So come along and have some fun with Gwapex, Poolknave Pari-Mutuel Predictor and Knavecoin.

So here are the 3 steps that will help you get of loads of KnaveCoins for free.

First – Get your Knavecoin wallet from http://knavecoin.com so the coins can be transferred to you personally.

Second – Join http://poolknave.com/poolknave-pari-mutuel/reserved and get at least 200 KNCs for joining. Post you wallet address to the management with suggestions for events for opinions, and get another 100 KNCs.

Third – Enter the Blog of the Year and Month and post regular blogs either in text, audio or video and get up to 100,000 KNCs for being just yourself. Follow the link http://pokerknave.com/2014/10/27/blog-of-the-year-blog-of-the-month-competition-2/

If you would like more KNCs then suggest something to the Knavecoin users and see what happens.