Now Comes Cyber Monday

An Old Cooker

An Old Cooker

Black Friday was a washout. All hype and no substance. If there were bargains it was very hard to find and so it is now onto the other capitalistic saints day…Cyber Monday! Now apparently it is on this day that you will get great deals online.

But as with everything you know it will collapse under the weight of yummy mummies and delicious daddies on the look out to max out their credit card on crap they are never going to use, but feel they must buy because it is the done thing.

Now I must again declare an interest. I am after a cooker because I have been told to get a cooker. It seems that a cooker that works and does what it’s supposed to do is not enough. It needs to be all singing and all dancing. So, in the need to have a quiet life I have decided to get a cooker that sings and dance all day long.

Being the person that I am, I will always get the best deal possible. It is like playing poker if you have the best hand it is your duty to get maximum value from your opponent to look at your hand. Likewise if you have the money it is in your best interest to squeeze every last drop of concessions out of the sales man or woman.

The only problem with this strategy is that I am playing with seasoned shoppers who will buy anything if it says that it has been reduced! There does not need to be any details as long as it is reduced or said to been reduced it will be brought by these individuals.

 So, I am bitter and twisted in the sense that I hate spending money on stuff that does not need money being spent. I am more of a Stalinist than a Reaganite. Spending money for the sake of spending money is stupid. And although the Soviet Union finally collapsed it didn’t do badly for a long time with no money. Whereas the USA are on a slide into oblivion because it spent money on consumer goods and military hardware it never fully used because it would have meant mutually assured destruction. Reaganomics is the father of The Great Banking Collapse and the absurd neo-socialistic welfare for extremely rich people and oligarchs called ‘Quantitative Easing’. Which gave so much money to the tiny segment of society and which would have roughly worked out at £56,000+ to every man, woman and child alive in the UK.

I dont have the figures for the US but it cannot be that far off the UK figures. So yes the West won the Cold War but at a price that the working and middle classes will be paying for a very long time. It might be as expensive as the Napoleonic Wars which brought in the concept of income tax to raise revenue and that has never gone away. In the future we will lock in a Thatcherite/Reagan voodoo economics robber baron society in which the poor and middle classes are slaves to the mega rich.

So, be prepared for an angry person trolling the Internet looking for a cooker at a very good price, since I am a product of a dubious win by people who privatize profits, but, socialize losses and looking to enslave the proletariat in a Ayn Rand upside down paradise.