Fox News And Birmingham

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The lunacy of Fox News is spreading over the World. Apparently Birmingham in England is a city which now belongs to some sort of Muslim caliphate according to a Fox News security expert! Obviously this is untrue but that is not the concern of Fox News, it suits their narrative that Muslims are bad and dangerous and are taking over the World.

For those who do not know about Fox News, it is the brain child of Rupert Murdoch and has the typical Murdoch agenda, misinform, lie, stoke up fear of ‘the other’, promote racism, play to the lowest intellectual debate possible. The fact that it is very popular just shows how backward US cultural and political discourse has gone. It was only a couple of years ago that Donald Trump was considered a 2/1 favourite (a 33% chance),  of being the Republican candidate to be President based on the silliness that Barack Obama was born in Kenya and created a false birth certificate to pretend that he was born in Hawaii with the sole intent of destroying the American Constitution  ala Manchurian Candidate style. Really, how messed up do you have to be to be giving the Kenyan theory any time? Fox news did, and, has done to many other crazy theories that any reliable and sensible news organisation would dismiss as stupid.

By jumping on the ‘Londonistan Concept’ ie Muslim sharia law is supplanting English Common Law, Fox News is spreading the bile that Americans should be afraid and retreat to the right wing nut jobs and prepare for an assault by liberals, socialist and their Muslim allies to make them into homosexual, vegetarians who are ruled by sharia law.

Now the guy Steven Emerson has apologised and donated cash to Birmingham Childrens Hospital (?), but Fox News has not made an apology on their news channel  because their audience do not deserve the truth. Why start telling them the truth when it spoils the real agenda of scaring the bejesus out of them and getting them to accept the most right wing agenda proposed by lunatic organisations such as the TEA Party and their fellow travelers. 

There is a problem with the death cults such as Al Qeada and ISIS and if I had my way, NATO would be in Nigeria right now sorting out Boko Haram. However, there need to be attention on the finances that are going to these organisation and that mean the banking system and Saudi Arabian organisations/individuals financing these groups just like they financed 9/11 and not financed by Iraq as we were told by the Bush/Cheney cartel. 

Fox News will not report the facts as they have a financial interest in misleading their audience, just like the Bush/Cheney cartel had an interest in diverting the attention from Saudi Arabia to Iraq after the 9/11 attacks.


Birmingham is now in the Caliphate…apparently!