Graeme Goodall Ska Legend Dies

Graeme Goodall

Graeme Goodall (1932 – 4 December 2014)

The man who did the engineering behind Jamaican early ska records died in December 2014. 

Graeme Goodall originally came from Australia and ended up in Jamaica via England to help the engineering of the various radio station that were being built. It was during this time that he became interested in the local music and started to work in the studio with local talent and on the stage with fellow Aussies in a band called the Caribs.

He helped set up Island records with Chris Blackwell and made his most outstanding mark with the engineering of Prince Busters Israelites. Although he fell out with Chris Blackwell and left Island records he went on to form a number of record labels which included Doctor Bird and Attack records. 

He later left the music business and went back into selling recording equipment for Sony, however, from time to time he would join some of the former artist he helped and reminisce about old times.

He leaves a wife and two children.