A New Financial Reality

Charles Merrill

The Bull In Wall Street

Instead of missing lessons!
Be watching you” , said no-one.
Tipster gives his predictions.
Know a casino heist when I see one.

Up and down in relation to Bitcoin.
LSD from Ancient Rome.
Bankers hate Knavecoin
Into fights. Who wants some…?

You cut the red, yellow or green.
Viva Fair enough!
Check out the new ‘Reality Queen’

To do with a man that likes freedom.
The new psychiatrist, said I’m fine.
He said, “It’s great, he’s the singer.”

Shave or not to shave?
That is the question
Another video is coming soon
£250 if you cover the number!

Better sites such as Knavecoin.
Win altcoins valued over £250,000.
Then spend it for fun
Lubricate the economy well I never!

Paul Warburg and Charles Merrill
Who like making dodgy decision for ever,
IS THAT ALL????!!!!!

Taking gangsters money from ‘cocaine’?
It’s clear your business will suffer.
That was a class line….