Any Room For A Online Poker Dilettante?

Poker Dilettante

Hipsters are the model for dipsters

I am a poker dipster! I dip in and out never hang around for meaningless conversation or relationship. I was hipster before hipster became frightening ubiquitous. So i have gone the other way and shave regular, but, my poker style is still that of a dilettante which is the lifestyle of a hipster. Everything is pursued for pleasure and nothing is taken seriously unless it is the next high.

What that ‘high’ is, is up to your taste. Dipping in and out does make you free to reject ‘ideological’ lifestyle like marriage and being accepted.

The only problem with this choice of playing is that when it goes wrong it is a pain and the pain gets worst when you lose more and more. Back in the day you could fool bots and other robotic calculations which monitored your play. Now even though you can flip to new personas and new accounts players nowadays seem to have no fear or are using some machine which I have no knowledge off and therefore I am at a disadvantage.

I am loathed to say the game is crooked, since why would you have a bent game which will set off all sorts of alarms when you can have a straight game which will still earn you money. Like the gangster Meyer Lansky always stated that his games were defined by an absolute rule of integrity because the maths were always in favour of the house anyway. So since most poker sites are run by accountants and not silly shills taking advantage of their close proximity to the card room. So I put it down to bad luck and a easy readable style.

This losing streak need to change and change quickly. I have won a few games but it is not enough. I need to win more and recover the losses that I incured during the ‘period of grief’, which I call the time I was sucking out with really great hands.

My usual ways of counter-acting these suck outs was to listen to music, watch NASA tv shows, or, even get raging drunk. Then I discovered poetry and it open up a whole new world of dealing with the poker gods and their rapacious need to see me lose money hand over fist.

So if you see a dipster, playing with confidence of a poet you now know it is me. Please be gentlly until I get my mojo back?

Online Poker Dilettante

When I was an poker lover
Only my winnings would survive.
More than ever!
I don’t understand my new objective

Meet new tradegy as if it was my pal
On the table. hosting, be there.
An Evening With PokerKnave
Is now fun to play. RSVP here:

We’re back! You see the money!
Dude is off to a good start
Up the ante, give them the hoes.

The only one with new clothes.
The Emperor is trying his best
Five on getting his final touches!