So, Less People Are Playing Online Poker?

Online Poker Losing Players

The Chips Are Down For Online Poker

I am not surprise that number of online poker players is falling. Why would the casual poker player be interested in playing against robots which monitor you every move with the good wishes from the poker website?

It is not going to get any better unless the US finally bit the bullet and legalise online poker. With general legalised poker then the tougher US laws would make it nearly impossible for bots to play poker and it would go back to being led by human beings and not sophisticated robots.

I think it is time for a poem.

The Bots Are Here

Next time come alone.
Could give me your full attention?
What’s done can’t be undone.
With aesthetic gratification.

‘Art’ – you should try it sometime.
Show this to a bot friend of mine?
Let’s repeat this some other time
An interrupt on the other line.

Image needs your special talents:
Bot artists, we are a movement.
About these new silicon implants?

When nobody sends me any pictures.
My bedside table the other night was empty?
When I’m finished there will be ligatures?