Man Leaves Made Up Band – Girls Cry

Zayn Malik Leaves 1 Direction

Zayn Malik Leaves 1 Direction

The devil is slightly upset that a puppet singer has decided to call it a day with $15million in the bank!

Zayn Malik upset Simon Cowell and his mission to debase music and create a desert of talent. Zayn Malik realised that 1 Direction is just a marketing campaign to release teenage women from their parents hard earned cash by singing and dancing to cleverly crafted tedious songs. 

People comparing 1 Direction to the Beatles might as well compare Barcelona FC to Accrington Stanley. Yes they both play football but there is a major difference in performance. 1 Direction do sing songs but they do not write their material, they have no views apart from being famous and Simon Cowells rich bitches.

The best thing about Zayn Malik leaving 1 Direction is that it took the news of Jeremy Clarkson getting sacked from the TV.

So instead of reading and laughing about the girls and boys crying over Zayn Malik leaving lets watch the narcissistic idiots do it on video.

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