Nicola Sturgeon As A Poker Player

Nicola Sturgeon - First Minister of Scotland

Nicola Sturgeon – First Minister of Scotland

After the so called TV debate between the leaders of 7 parties in the election it is clear there was only one winner and that was Nicola Sturgeon. Why she won is obvious because her party is only running in Scotland and therefore could say anything as it only applied in Scotland. This farce was brought about by David Cameron to muddy the water and give Ed Miliband less chance of winning the election.

This prompts the question, why was Nicola Sturgeon given the opportunity to do this? Nicola Sturgeon so far, has played a blinder and as a poker player she has been given the ‘Big Slick’ which are suited and there is a ace on the flop plus Queen, Jack also of the same suit giving her top pair, possible straight, possible flush and best of all a possible royal flush. The others have very weak hands but do have outs, just not as good as Nicola Sturgeon’s.

Her strategy now is to raise the stakes knowing that the other players are hoping to go all in especially David Cameron who believes his pair of Jacks are good. Her strategy could be summarised as such ‘Keep Cameron, Free Scotland’.

David Cameron is happy with this strategy and will try and knock out Ed Miliband by getting the Scottish National Party to win in Scotland and Labour to lose in England. This is a very delusional strategy as it will give the Scottish nationalist another chance to go for independence and a break up of the United Kingdom especially if there is a vote to see if their will be a in/out referendum for the European Union.

David Cameron believes he can win an in/out referendum and therefore keep the United Kingdom together. But the Scottish nationalist are on a roll, since David Cameron has weak support in Scotland, and, with the bad blood he has with Labour, when he stiffed Labour after they rescued the last referendum to keep the United Kingdom, it is clear that the ordinary troops in the Labour party will be disillusioned with Westminster. David Cameron will preside over the break up of the Union if the Conservatives win the election.

This is probably why he was clear that he will serve only two terms as Prime Minister if elected in May 2015. David Cameron know he will lose Scotland and Nicola Sturgeon agrees with him. 

Nicola Sturgeon is dominating David Cameron’s hand and only Ed Miliband can rescue the Union. However, David Cameron does not want to lose his position as he likes being Prime Minister. Therefore Nicola Sturgeon is ramping up the pressure on Ed Miliband by being loose knowing that Ed Miliband cannot go any further left and keep his mildly pro-business, pro-trident position.

 This election will decide the break up of the United Kingdom and since politics is a poker game writ large