Grand Nationals Everywhere

Grand National 2015

Grand National 2015

There is Grand nationals everywhere and we are jumping all over it like a BBC presenter on a intern! 

Today is the Irish version and The Magical Tipster has a interesting tip for it. I personally will have a small bet on it, since I am not winning money on the poker table.

This weekend it will be the big one. We are once again giving the general public more chances to gain Knavecoin by guessing 5 horses to finish in the first five. Yes the operative word is ‘guess’ because you do not have to be a genius tipster like The Magical Tipster, anything can win the race so guessing the 5 horses is just as valid as studying the form.

Even you do not win our first prize you will get equal share of 28,000 KNC’s just for entering. Plus you will be able to bet on the race and best of all we will give you 100 KNC’s to do this by joining PoolKnave PMP the pari-mutuel trading system.

So all in all why waste money at the bookies when you can get the equivalent of nearly £40,000 for 5 minutes work!

Irish Grand National

Over then for the RTE coverage
Winners are grinners!
Will spin my way at some stage!
Get pushed around, you dirty punters.

A good future at the game.
To ride in his situation gain respect
And looked promising in a tough game
His honesty is refreshing more respect

Think I have won something!
Walsh to good
13 to win is impossible

Small chance?
Thanks Roger
I’ll need some assistance.