The Magical Tipster Backs The Villain!

Aston Villa badge

Aston Villa badge

There have been times when warring factions made a truce in the pursuit of a bigger problem than old rivalries. Immediate examples that come to mind were the alliance of capitalism and communism to defeat national socialism during the Second World War.

Other examples being the link up between The Conservative and Union Party, and, The Scottish National Party to break up the United Kingdom to stop Labour during the 2010 election. So it comes to pass that The Magical Tipster and his erstwhile rival The Villain have both come to the conclusion that Aston Villa have a good chance of winning the English Football Association Cup Final 2015.

With The Villain it was always clear that he would choose Aston Villa against Arsenal, the clue is in the name. However, when The Magical Tipster comes to the same conclusion any punter must take note.

The combined record of The Villain and The Magical Tipster choosing the same choice is not very good according the ‘The Result’ tables on The Magical Tipsters website. However their previous joint picks have been horses and this is football. So it is a interesting prospects to see what occurs in the game.

Apparently their is special reasons why Aston Villa may pick up the trophy, and here they are:

1. Birmingham City have been bragging about the League Cup Final 2011 win they had over Arsenal. Aston Villawould be more than glad to do the same over Arsenal.

2. Apparently word has gone round that Arsenal have been working out their ope top bus ride to displaying winning the cup already! If that is not a red rag to a bull we don’t know what is.

3. Aston Villa just got slaughtered a few days ago 6 – 1 by Southampton. This is not a good sign if you want to win a competition. However, football is just a game that teams can do something remarkable and we are sure that Aston Villa will not want to be hammered by Arsenal.

4. Arsenal have a record of being brittle to a physical approach by less skilful teams.

So there you have it get on Aston Villa at least 5/1 (6) to win in 90 mins, and, 5/2 (3.5) to lift the trophy.