The Bankers Are Untouchable

Bankers lining up to make more money

Bankers lining up to make more money

Another day, another set of bankers escape justice. This is getting beyond a joke. Bankers can not only break the law, they can be SEEN to break the law!

Apparently you can be fined for manipulating markets, but, those that did it will not be prosecuted and in fact they will get a bonus in their next wage discussions.

No one gets sacked or reprimanded, no one is shamed, no one is asked why they thought they could do this? 

No government seems capable to sort these guys and gals out! Money laundering, ripping off customers with bogus insurance, bank charges, LIBOR, rigging the foreign exchanges and facilitating terrorism finance. All these things seem to be criminal acts in normal society, but, if you job title is banker then you can not be touched by any organisation charged with upholding the law.

Something needs to be done. It looks like you can be a dodgy as you want, as long as no one see what you are doing and make an issue then carry on. If you do get caught as long as your company has made money, then don’t worry.