James Last Dies

James Last (17 April 1929 – 9 June 2015)

James Last (17 April 1929 – 9 June 2015)

James Last died yesterday and will be remembered as the many who made ‘happy music’ for those who liked non-threatening music during a world in perpetual revolution. Most people younger than 40 years of age will be familiar with his music via the ‘easy listening scene which was a short lived underground scene that was an antidote to the relentless ‘buff buff’  rave scene instigated by tuneless DJ’s in the possession of a iMac.

Born in Germany he was around when Hitler made demands on musician to play only ‘Aryan’  style music. This doesn’t seemed to have registered with James Last and he developed a unique brand of orchestral jazz and be-bop music.

James Last was relentless in releasing albums and is credited with being the second most biggest seller of albums after Elvis Presley in the UK which is quite remarkable.  He leaves a second wife and two children.


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