Greece To Decide The Euro’s Fate

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Today is the day that Greece decides the fate of the European experiment. An experiment that was to end conflict in Europe after two devastating wars that brought the whole world into its conflict. Conflicts that were inspired by European elites and their desire to divide the world into blocks in which they could exploit the natural resources to suit their needs. 

If it meant sending millions of people to their futile deaths, so be it. The aim was either carried out by nation states run by greedy families or religion motivated by power hungry lunatics. 

Since the Second World War, Europe grew tired of this slaughter especially when an ideology arose which gave ordinary men and women a chance to have a different societal model. Communism scared the bejesus out of the religious and the elites as it outlawed both and said that men and women could share all the wealth equally. In Western Europe the elites and the religions co-opted some of the communist ideals and created national health services, universal education, a welfare state to compensate for enforced unemployment etc.

However, once the threat of communism fell away the elites took to dismantling all the benefits for the ordinary people and brought back religion to enslave the masses in irrational beliefs. This two pronged attack now lead to plutocrats running the economy and religion providing the wars.

So it is now down to the Greek people to decide whether the plutocrats can privatise the Greek nation and take what they want or the Greek people can renegotiate their debt. If they say renegotiate the debt it will mean they will leave the Euro as the hedge funds and banks will see it as a dangerous precedent for a country to change the way they do business ie privatise profits and socialise losses.

The oligarchs of Greece have stripped the country and expect the poor to suffer the consequences, why should the less well off do the bidding of the elites? 

Some people will call the Greek government pathetic and are indulging in immature economics and politics, but, a single market only seem to run in one direction – slavery for the masses! This is unsustainable in view of 70 years of liberal education and the spreading of ideas. If you wanted a people that cannot ask questions about the banking system, the rules of trade and future of industrial policy then do not educate people and persuade them to rely on superstition and supernatural beliefs like what is going on in the Middle East, Africa and The USA.

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