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Foxhunting Votes Should Outlaw Foxhunting - Again!

Foxhunting Votes Should Outlaw Foxhunting – Again!

Well the SNP-Tory-Murdoch has had its first act post-election. Pre-election it was clear that theTories, the SNP and the Murdoch media machine linked up to keep Labour out of power. The reason being was many but primarily they did this as payback by Murdoch for the phone hacking scandal in which Ed Miliband went for Murdoch while David Cameron tried to protect him and his business interest, especially over the takeover of BSkyB.

Therefore, Cameron created the impression that the Tory policy on immigration is a Labour policy! The SNP would be bullying Labour, and Gordon Brown wrecked the economy when it was the bankers. It worked!

So the break up of the United Kingdom is the price to pay. Now the SNP have numerous ways to do this. The most high profile act they can do is to be British MP’s and vote on topics that they want to vote on. It will wind up English nationalism which will help the SNP as English nationalism is tainted by nazi elements.  It will lead to fights in the streets and possibly some electoral success, however, it will force more Scots into the independent corner. 

Then either the English throw Scotland out or there is a UDI moment which leads to Scotland going its own way.

Murdoch wont mind either way! The  tories are attacking the BBC by saying they produce popular programs which is wrong. When they start producing unpopular programs they will then be attacked for elitism and should be cut down to size because no one watches their programs! Loss for public broadcasting, win for Murdoch!

The Greek tragedy proved that people need to pay attention more. Since it clear that forces outside the population really run Greece, and the people will have to be ready to challenge the true elitist.

The fox hunting vote will start the process of stirring political English nationalism and focus the idea of kicking out the Scottish MP’s out of the House of Commons but not the House of Lords.

Goodbye Scotland it was nice knowing you….