Playing With The Crazies

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Happy Birthday Mr Trump and carry on with your mission! Today the world is joining in with the mental breakdown that is happening in the USA.

The collective mental breakdown started with the banking crisis of 2008, in which Communism in reverse went into full swing. Collectivised the losses, privitise the profits! This was unbelievable but it happened. Then Obama got elected and all the white supremacists contemplated Armageddon as the ‘natural order of things’ had just been blown away when half of the US challenges its original sin.

Then a more virulent and anti-education movement gained traction. ISIS. Boko Haram et al gave losers a reason to die. By killing and blowing themselves up, the low level hooligans and criminals, got 72 virgins and validation of their wasted lives. 

In Russia Putin is now seen as a great leader even though the economy is tanking, misogyny is seen as social progression, while football hooliganism and doping athletes is just another example of foreign policy. 

In South Africa President Zuma tried to claim spending millions on his house using tax payers money was acceptable. In Zimbabwe a 90+ year old is going for re-election claiming he has ‘new’ ideas!

In Brazil the old order has replaced a democratically elected President by using a procedure that had no legitimacy at all, but, because the ruling class has the media behind it, they have effectively brainwashed the nation to want to go back to a world that only existed in reality TV and soap operas. All in time for the Olympics 2016.

In the Philippines, a new President clearly states that extra-judiciary action is acceptable to get rid of drug dealers. Stuff the rule of law, Benigno Aquino III is creating a new law, his ego. He maybe right in wanting to sort issues out but the whole point of law and order is law and order, not personal wishes.

Then we have Donald Trump who in the week he turned 70 decided that Obama was an agent of ISIS, a judge presiding over his case was a Mexican and banning Muslims from the USA is definitely a policy which he will enforce. guy 

So when a sensible politician like Jo Cox was shot and stabbed by a Nazi supporter you just had to file it along with the beheadings and murder that is being carried out by nutjobs in Bangladesh and lunatics in Belgium and France. The ideologies that seem to be winning are those that are not reasonable. Communism and capitalism used to sound but lost there way in the 80’s and 00’s when they completely failed. So people are going back to religion and other super-natural beliefs since nothing else seems to work. Those not so keen on religion are gravitating to nationalism as identity can be transformed into religion.

There is an ultimate conclusion to all of this and it will not be pretty. Violent confrontation to people not bending to their view is the outcome and there will be a lot of recruits to carry out this conclusion as there is a lot of self loathing out there. A gay hating gay guy shoots and kill other LGBT people shows what will happen self loathing becomes too much.

A blond haired woman going out with a Rastafarian from the Congo could be the start of the genocide. A Muslim woman deciding to become a Buddhist could be another reason for mass execution. Donald Trump being accused of having a small penis could aggravate war. or, Putin being bisexual could launch another invasion of surrounding state. it is the little personal things that will set it all off and we will be there to watch it all unfold on TV.