Making History Today

The European Flag

The European Flag

After my little anti-David Cameron rant yesterday about how the shyster managed to make me poorer by lying to enough people and getting them to vote against their best interest and maintain his power.

He is the man from the elite who do not see why they should behave in normal polite societal ways. That is why his dad could put his money in Panama, pay no taxes along with his mates and clients, but, expect young men and women to die for his right to live in the UK and use all public service in peace. If this was a single mother in Blackpool doing this she would be damned for the odd £20 here and there, but, because it was David Cameron’s dad and involved millions of pounds, its OK.

So now we are down to the reason why we are having the biggest drama since the Iraq War. The tories are having a civil war and we the people must decide who should win. 

Vote Out

  • This will end David Cameron’s career.
  • This will start Nigel Farage push for PM.
  • This will make Boris Johnson’s career as PM.
  • This will nearly break up the EU.
  • France and Germany will not let the EU break up.
  • France and Germany will not allow the UK get an advantage for getting out.
  • Money would stop going to the EU.
  • Fishing industry will be a major contention. 
  • Immigration will continue to be an issue.
  • Wages will increase until immigration brings it down.
  • The tory party will split.
  • Jeremy Corbyn will break up the Labour party for a while.
  • Jeremy Corbyn will  not be PM.
  • A new centerist party made up of ex-Tory, ex-Labour and Lib Dems will be agitating for EU return.
  • Scotland could have another referendum.

Vote In

  • This will end David Cameron’s career.
  • Farage will continue to agitate
  • Boris Johnson will never be PM
  • France and Germany will act against other potential exiters such as Holland, Denmark and potentially…France!
  • The tory party will split.
  • Jeremy Corbyn will not be PM.
  • The money markets will be happy.
  • President Obama, President Xi Jinping and IMF CEO Christine Lagarde will be happy.
  • Queen Elizabeth II, President Putin and Donald Trump may not be happy.
  • Immigration will be a big issue.
  • Nicola Sturgeon could become the de facto leader of the left.
  • Europe will swing to the right.

As you can see there is no major prediction on how the finances will go since this is a situation that has never happen before, and, to make a prediction with numbers would be silly. So this is the only ‘facts’ that I can come up with and based on what you want to see in the future, you should vote. What am I going to do…I dont know!