Wild Political Bet – Andy Burnham


The court case today could kick Jeremy Corbyn out of the leadership race, by getting him to find 51 MP’s to nominate him. However, the judge might mot want to get involved in Labours’ nonsense and leave Jeremy Corbyn alone.

This does not necessarily mean that Jeremy Corbyn will win the leadership contest. Or even the other candidate whos name I cannot remember at the moment. With a leader with a lack of leadership qualities and a challenger without name recognition, maybe they both should drop out and give it to Andy Burnham.

Andy Burnham is:

  • Northern
  • English
  • Celtic bloodline
  • Name recognition
  • Won Hillsborough for the Liverpool fans
  • Working Class
  • Loyal
  • Looks like he can lead a team

At the moment he must be the preferred compromise-compromise candidate and can be backed at 200/1. This does not sound bad considering there is another 2 months of campaigning to go….