Saving Private Donald

Donald Trump Punk Rocker

Donald Trump – God Save The Donald – First Punk Rock, President Psychotic, Sycophantic and Grotesque. 

In the latest saga on Donald Trump presidential campaign he is now facing his biggest test of all. He has stated quite clearly that he think it is OK to grab women crutch as he is famous and women expect it! His main protagonist is a member of the Bush family…

Saving Private (life of) Donald

See the rally via his Facebook page
Crooked Hillary straight out of the Batman movies
No rumors about Obama’s heritage
Kaine can’t defend all those lies

Murder of Supreme Court judge remember
We are on our way now, join the movement soon
A Trump victory in November
Miss Universe sex tape available at noon

Another made up story to boost CNN low ratings
50 points ahead on the debate night
Therefore short circuit campaign with other things

Immigration procedure speeded up for her
You do know Hillary should be in jail.
Of course he will fight to bring us together.

Trump: Full Leaked Tape Recording of Conversation with Donald Trump & Billy Bush Talking Women

YouTube Preview Image