The Punk Rock President

Donald Trump Punk Rocker

Donald Trump Donald Trump РGod Save The Donald РFirst Punk Rock President. 

The Disrupter v The Qualified, The Nativist Candidate v The Continuity Candidate. The big day has finally arrived and it is a big one.

It is so consequential that I put an order that The Magical Tipster must not work his magic and make a call that could put the world in danger. We had a feeling that he was going for Trump so that he could trade later on Clinton, but, knowing his track record when he went for ‘Brexit’ to also trade we did not want to take the risk.

Donald Trump has great entertainment value, but, with Putin strutting around defying common decency and threatening his neighbours with annexing to a Greater Russia, it is time to act safe and go for Clinton.

After the election there will need to be a great coming together for the sake of humanity and for the ideals that USA stand for. It is imperfect but it needs to work or we as a species can destroy the habitat we live in either by nuclear war or climate change.

Either way we wish the best for America and the voters. Hopefully, those that want a workable government get out and vote for Clinton.

An unstable President who is too thin skinned for his own good is very worrying. Unlike punk rock music nihilistic behaviour is not good for a divided country.