Remembering The ‘Good War’


As the march from the populist right wing is sweeping the Middle East and now Europe, on this day of all days we should look to the generation that saved us from fascism, racism, colonialism and sexism.

As Putin rampages across mature democracies financing divisive groups like UKIP, France’s National Front and Wikileaks no wonder Trump did enough to get elected so that the Electoral College can chose him to be the most powerful man in the World on December 19th, 2016.

Those who want societal progression that brings people together and not divide along religious, political, national and sectarianism lines have their work cut out. But as was done before ‘Love trump hate’.

Remembering The World War Two Agenda

Bail for a nice weather
No problem, they are the best
Most maybe dead or dying
Talented bravery against hatred 

Has to be reported yet again
Work together to stop a Third World War
Fight problems from religious dumb brains
For our senior citizens we have a duty of care

To the children at bedtime no horror stories
Sure we renew our stand against lunacy 
Funds for developing technology on climate change

Well done to the ‘Deplorables’
Now looking for volunteers
To contact you as soon as possible.