The Limping Donk

Limping Donk

Limping Donk

It is always the big debate hen to limp into a poker pot and when to raise? The argument is never be the guy you always limp in and then acts like a donk. Nothing worst than a limping donk.

I will go into the finer points about the limping donk later, but in the meantime here is a poem to stress out the attitude one must take when considering limping in.

Limp Or Not To Limp

You make others see. – Edgar Degas
That need to be.- Laura Fitton
To make a move in Las Vegas
Live for nothing.- General Patton

Doubt your beliefs. – Rich Simmonds
In a hole, quit digging. – Will Rogers
Traced to people, study finds
Make a raise and stop freeloaders

Is to tell everything. – Voltaire
This will make you a bore
Never the obvious is true. – William Safire

At a higher level. – Ken Blanchard
Head to head, instead of more
An entry somewhere. – Tom Stoppard

Blackout Crew – Put A Donk On It

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