Why Did The Magical Tipster Get It Right?

5th November, 2016 2pm GMT

God Save The Donald – New Date and Time’
5th November, 2016 2pm GMT

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Donald Trump - Birther In Chief

Donald Trump – Birther In Chief

How was The Magical Tipster able to predict all these major world events from his mock Tudor mansion in Droylsden?

Well it is very simple. Western democracy has run out of steam. The idea of following Western democracy is now seen as not only imperfect but down right silly.

After Lehman’s Day where governments around the world basically socialised the banking system and then privatised the banking system, giving the bankers and their supporters pain free bail out and then rewarded them more profits than they could ever dream off all based on the discredited idea of ‘trickle down economics’.

So how do you distract the population from the real issue and keep them compliant…blame immigrants/migrants/Islam?

It is the oldest trick in the book distract, misdirect and lock in profits. That is how ‘chase the pea’ or ‘find the ace’ merchants operate on the streets and the vast majority of the people cannot see this.

By playing identity politics, the elites have shaken off the issue of immigration/migrants being used to drive down wages and turned it into immigrants/migrants ‘invading’ to convert the population into low information religious zealots. The main religion used is Islam, but, as seen in the USA, Christianity can also be used for this purpose.

The conservative religious leaders have complied with this agenda. Hence the evangelicals support Donald Trump in America even though his actions are nowhere near the actions that Jesus would exhibit. In Europe, Africa and Asia, Islam is used to denigrate education and science. Elevating conformity and fear of being ostracised to a new height. This is so apparent they have even given one of these organisation a name to emphasise this agenda. Boko Harem or books are bad is as blatant a cause for dumbness !

Education free people from superstition and this is not good if your business is super-natural beliefs and actions. So these right wing activist attack education and promote religion. When I say education I mean the ability to question ideas and seek out reasoned information to come up with answers to ideas. Yes it can be hard work, yes it can lead to dead ends but religion cannot be on the same level as science and knowledge. We do  have the need to believe in super natural stuff but that is only there until proper answers can be found. In fact belief in super natural stuff will lead to scientific reasoning ultimately via so called heretic behaviour such as questioning why things happen.

Why is the population so compliant? Simple, they have bought into reality TV, easy credit and bright shiny things. This can be summarised by watching fairly educated people lining up outside a Apple shop to buy the latest gadget on the day it is released. Why would you do that unless you have been brainwashed that this is a fun and  an interesting thing to do? 

So, The Magical Tipster put this all together and betted that the establishment’s product was getting stale (more austerity and migrants), hence the revolt for revolt sake. They do not know they’ve been played but they do know they are losing money and prestige. 

Trump is a master of distraction and his base is solid with him, but, unless he turns the USA into a authoritarian state his agenda will fail. It will fail as he is a clown and no one really want to be led by a clown.

Look at what happened to Theresa May, from the Iron Lady to rusty can which is kicked around like a football. Calling a snap election and then making people depressed with a lack lustre campaign has to be the worst decision since Chamberlin came back from Berlin with a piece of paper.

There is a way of doing this and it has some revolutionary communistic method to it. For the US, all it will take for Trump to be sacked is for people to look at their environment, wages and their expenses and see how their life is being materialistically destroyed. 

Likewise, Jacob Zuma has been found out and the ANC apparatchiks will need to seriously damage his election prospect so he loses and loses badly.

The new European Trump wannabe’s have to be stopped and that mean that the left wing progressives need to concentrate on wages and living environment. Forget race, sex, gender etc and concentrate on income and expenditure, basically ‘class’ issues. Gender, sex and race will come up because the right wing want identity politics to be up front and centre, however, they should be placed in the form of dialectical materialism without the heavy communistic interpretation.

The right wing whether it is political or religious are now embolden. ISIS had a ‘state’, Nazis are marching around with the blessing from Trump, Brexit means Brexit and Putin is seen as the puppeteer in chief. Xi Jinping in China has a grand plan to replace the USA and are building a network of client states so that China can get the raw materials to keep their economy going. However, they rely on people not recognising that their interest is dependent on equal or as near equal distribution of opportunity and wealth. Why would you not want equal opportunity and wealth!?

It is time for the sensible people take back control of this planet before the nutters blow it up for some sort of redemption or desire to get rid of biological waste such as poor people. Linking up with like minded people is a must. Losing faith in the democratic process is a scary proposition and now we have seen what happens when people do lose hope you get Donald Trump and a resurgence of radical right wing thinking and behaviour.

This nonsense as encapsulated by Trump cannot go on. If it does go on, then we are truly screwed because slavery and despondency are the only natural outcome.