I Want To Lose Like Trump

Donald Trump - Birther In Chief

Donald Trump – Birther In Chief

It is pretty clear that I am not a great fan of Mr Trump. He is soo lucky it is untrue. Being lucky is one of life’s way to get rich. You either steal wealth, work very hard to get wealth, or, you get lucky by being born into wealth or winning the lottery.

Donald Trump was born into wealth and for that he was very lucky. this luck gets magnified when you learn that he lost money having a casino. To lose money with a casino does take some going. All you have to do is get gamblers there and let them play the game, and, since Trump’s casino was in Las Vegas that side of the equation was sorted. So what did he do to lose money?

He was lucky to become president. But this is where his luck runs out. To be a good leader you need to have some sort of empathy with your subjects. You need to have some form of instinct to keep your people happy with your leadership.

So far he has managed to keep the lunatics onside – those that hate blacks, immigrants, gays/transgender and especially women. The Deplorables as they are known think being educated is evil, being a white male is now the worst social position in America, and that rich people are really the victims because the majority of tax revenues will come from them.  

Basically they want to go back to a time when men were men and women and blacks knew their place and LGBTQ never existed unless it was in prison and exotic places like Casablanca.

So when Trump loses money on a casino it is not seen as a failure but it is seen as business. I am so jealous I wish I had the entitlement to lose money running a casino.