The Government Screwed Up

Last night (27th April, 2020) Panorama a BBC documentary program made some serious allegations about the UK preparedness for the Covid19 pandemic. It now looks like it was a total cock up which has led to a lot more unnecessary deaths. 

It seems that Boris Johnson was too busy with his squeeze, Dominic Cummings was aiming for ‘herd immunity’ and Matt Hancock was looking at saving money, hence the down grade of Covid19 from highly dangerous to mildly dangerous!

This laziness, callousness and ineptitude cost a lot more death within the NHS staff as well as the general public that there need to be some resignation. But since the government has a 80 seat majority, there is little chance of there being a vote of no confidence.

Watch this program and see it in the context of the 25,000+ and counting dead people and see if the government come out of this with anything but contempt.