2022 – The English Rogue

This is a new year and after the last 5 years that I have had, I am surprised and glad that I am still here.

In this year, I am finally going to do my best and make art stranger than real life. 

The big project that I have been working on with others, have been published on Amazon and a original play of the book is going to be a NFT token so watch out for the promotion.

The English Rogue by Richard Head is a classic pulp fiction. But for the modern English reader it was almost illegible. So the task was to make it more palatable for 21st Century English readers. Check it out, and if you want to discuss it then contact me on Twitter as I am always on there, or even on Amazon!

Talking about English Rogue brings me onto Boris Johnson who is the embodiment of a rogue or in our world the ultimate pokerknave!

A few years ago when the craziness of  politics and general civil society went through massive convulsions of downright lunacy, I did a whole series of blogs about famous people especially politicians as poker players from reports and observations. The reason being poker like politics is a zero sum game and you can see traits of poker playing style in the politicians. 

But then came the uber crazy stuff and people like Trump, Johnson and Bolsonaro emerged and basically played like lunatic poker players on a  massive full tilt behaviour and winning! 

In my fictional world which had some basis of truth due to the fact I have witnessed and sometimes been part of mad behaviour, never could I dream of a scenario where a leader of a major democratic country would say drink bleach (yes I know he said ingestion or some other phrase but it is basically drink chemicals) to fight a virus, or, see a politician go into a hospital and shake hands without gloves, with people who have just been infected with a completely unknown contagious virus, or even purchase an unapproved vaccine at 10 times the price because he didn’t believe the pandemic is real?!

These are just some of the unbelievable dopey stuff these leaders did and there is plenty more nutty things they did.

Now some will say that my anti-crackpot leaders is a form of deranged syndrome! Some may say that I just a miserable liberal and some may say that I am a shill for the global elite. My answer to all those charges is grow up and get your head out of your backside.

So 2022 will be when the sensible people in our various democracies finally wrestle back control from the unbalanced clowns. Whether it is destroying Boris Johnson leadership  and the Tory party for enabling him, charging Donald Trump and his GOP administration over January 6th 2021 coup attempt and voting out Jair Bolsonaro for being both incredibly thick and corrupt.

Obviously around the World there are many more nutjobs in power but these three stand out because the countries they lead or led were big important countries with big economies. 

So how did we get here when clearly completely dodgy individuals got real power and messed up like hyper-active toddlers in a paint store? I blame social media and the ability to go unfiltered directly to the masses if desired by the ‘owners’ of the technology. Social media advertising and promotion gave power to enable pinpoint propaganda messages to a local target and this has made campaigning easier and cheaper. The old masters such as Stalin and Goebbels would be proud and amazed how effective social media is in getting people to do things against their own interest and to do them with glee.

How social media is regulated will be one of the big topics for the future.

Clearly some believe that you cannot regulate ideas or the technology to disseminate ideas. The problem being is that a free for all type situation without constraints on what is facts, will ultimately lead to mass deaths and genocide. However, real heavy regulation will destroy freedom of expression. 

Maybe more resources spent on education is the way to go. When you hear a person spout off about not wearing masks because it infringes their civil liberty and they read on Facebook that Bill Gates is putting nano-robots in peoples bodies via the vaccine, it is clear that the present educational system is broken!

 Those are my views and I will stick with them unless someone can come up with a better viewpoint or analysis. 

In the end, we have one planet and one life. Lets all try and do the best and have some fun. Happy New Year!