The Queens Last Act For Mankind

Queen Elizabeth II has been a major influence on modern day UK for over 70 years. She is also been a celebrity on the international stage of the highest order.

Also, she is probably the last world leader who can clearly remember World War II and how the fight for democracy, human rights and a fairer society.

By sheer luck that situation was won and the greatest document in human history was set as a standard for humans to treat each other.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights is that document, and Queen Elizabeth II would have known the implications of such a document even though she was not head of state.

Maybe in the form of a interview or a program on her reflections about the world, our queen could do something great for society and that is letting them know that war is evil and there must be a better way of conducting business.

I hope she will do this as we need someone who comes across as cleared eyed and in favour of people being decent of each other. It would be a great gesture before she leaves this mortal coil to leave a message for future generations about the complete silliness of war.