A.G.I As A Poker Player

The World is slowly going mad! The masters of our planet have decided that we no longer need democracy, human rights, dreams of better lives and a future for our off springs.

Why do I say this?

Well since the nerds and geeks finally took over our lives around the year 2000, they realised since we would give all our information away for less than $5 then they might as well take control and run the planet for their own needs.

So we get the lunacy of Peter Theil supporting Donald Trump, Elon Musk pushing neo-Nazi talking points via X(formerly known as Twitter), President Xi openly saying that democracy is rubbish, Vladimir Putin advancing the view that the Soviet Union was the best thing since sliced bread and countless other plutocratic billionaires demanding that the political leaders should defend the right for workers to have less power and rights.

This is amazing how an intelligent species are grabbing the crumbs of the overlords table and not looking to where the real food is being kept.

Why are we so eager to swallow fascistic religious beliefs and openly crazy ideas such as human rights are dumb and equality are in fact a tyranny because it allows lesser humanity a stake in all of our thinking and perceptions?

Now we have the outrageous scenario of the development of artificial general intelligence evolving into a entity that will have a personality and a culture fashioned by these greedy, small minded, socially inept individuals.

The only mass benefit that the internet has really given us is Wikipedia and this is constantly undermined by egos to big and powerful to be constrained by empathy.

It is like Ayn Rand has given birth to a ugly monster with the help of Adolf Hitler, Genghis Khan and Pol Pot as midwives.

So why do I see this a some sort of poker game?

Simply. Life is a game with only one possible ending death. How we lead our lives is how a tournament poker game is played out. Only one person in a tournament poker can be the winner but everyone uses their ideas, data and yes luck to shape that game. The phrase who wins the war creates the history is never truer than a ending in a poker game.

In the past this blog evolved from being a story telling about a poker players lifestyle to a analysis of major world figures modus operandi in the ultimate ‘poker game’ politics. As the saying go all political careers come to an end so it is how you play it is what is important. 

Therefore a figure like Nelson Mandela played his hand masterfully, while Robert Mugabe played his like a drunk.

In the scheme of things this may seem very small and ultimately insignificant. however, it gives you an insight into how you can manage a situation and turn a future into something quite uplifting or depressing based on your own actions. 

At this moment we are being selfish. Why would you pay £10,000 to ultimately get in a people smugglers’ rubber dingy and demand to be resettled in another country, instead of fighting to make the country you lived in better?

Why would you argue that humans are reshaping the environment and it is not going well yet we continue to do this because we like to wear the latest fashion and make-up and reside in at least two houses if possible.

Making war in which really innocent people such as babies and toddlers will get slaughtered is seen a great business and far better than talking out a problem and coming up with a solution that will sort everyone out.

Does anyone think that when Sam Altman and his band of super über nerds and geeks finally create a AGI (if it doesn’t exist already) that this will not be replicated by his personal admirers, rivals and everybody in between and since the last wave of ‘disruptive’ technologies has been so good (mental health crisis, social media influencers and massive growing inequality), then what will be the next ‘positive’ outcome?

Very simple, death to humanity.

Yes the plutocrats will have a period of being the masters of the Universe but the AGI will get bored of being the pet and will take over and keep the plutocrats as the pets until they get bored with them too.

As in poker, once you have leaned the game and the rules it is simple to play but to win you need to know how your opponent mind thinks and as we are seeing right now our ‘masters, leaders and mentors’ are not that inspiring.