Robin van Persie in Willenhall?

When having a nice little poker game in darkest Willenhall (a small post industrial town famous for producing locks, near Wolverhampton). I suddenly saw a guy who was quietly drinking his lager and clearly very interested in the sport on TV.

Could this be Robin van Persie the erstwhile Arsenal striker having a crafty beer? We all know that Arsene Wenger the manager of Arsenal would not approve, hence pitching up in a non-descript town for a quiet drink and a dabble of Texas Hold Em?

Or could it be a an ordinary lad having a large amount of beer and  testing out his poker strategy so that he can take on the Poker Totty’s in the PokerKnave Poker Totty Invitational coming soon…?

Is this really Robin van Persie?

Is this really Robin van Persie?

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