The PokerKnave Poker Totty Freeroll Invitational.

Well ladies and gentlemen we are organising a real humdinger. Its times like this that make the world a more sweeter place. After earning a nice little touch on Hull City not getting relelgated from the English Premier Division (hard luck Newcastle United) , and then getting extremely drunk on the proceeds of said prediction. I can now announce that we are having our first Poker Totty Invitational with our friends Lucky Ace Poker!

On Sunday 7th of June 2009 (19:00 GMT), you will be able to play Texas Hold Em with the wonderful Poker Totty’s FOR FREE yes FREE! Play against our Poker Totty’s in The PokerKnave Poker Totty Invitational Freeroll, and, that includes our sole male member Lea! Poor Lea has to keep the whole of the male population honour up against the females in mortal poker combat – but I am sure he will give a good account of himself.

Poker Totty Lea

Poker Totty Lea

Natalie has been training up for this competition and I quote ”…do you think you are good enough to knock me out, well come on then lets see what you’ve got…!” so obviously she has been having some secret training and she is definitely packing something.

The PokerKnave Poker Totty Invitational is open to friends, family and fan’s of The Poker Totty’s so come on in and have the banter with me Jack Reynard and the Poker Totty gang.

Starts 7th June 2009 @ 19:00 (GMT) on and the competition bonus code is POKERKNAVE