Future Plans for PokerKnave.com

Marius rating for poker blog chart

Marius rating for poker blog chart

After a report from Marius and various views from some of the Poker Totty’s I am now in the middle of re-vamping the website as a Poker blogging engine, as well as a window into the world of fashion and glamour. This is to tie in with the 1st anniversary of the launch of pokerknave.com, and, hopefully this will make the use of the website much more easy to use and to utilise.

Although there is a relatively easy to read guide to playing Texas Hold Em, there is also a need to come up with a page for Omaha. Also, when it comes to writing about the lifestyle of a poker player there is a need to simplify the basic functions such as uploading pictures, video and other media stuff. Plus we need to add social bookmark buttons to make it easy to promote the blogs.

More links to modelling agency and casino’s would be an area of further interest as part of the PokerKnave Poker Klub, which believe or not is very difficult at the moment because we have a particular line (fun) with quite a prominently independent online presence (we do and say what we want).

On the fun side of poker playing it would be good for a definitive guide to playing strip poker – including reverse strip poker, with maybe a video to illustrate the tactics and the outcome of such a game. Not because I want to show copious amount of naked flesh (heaven forbid), but to help newby’s to this game have some sort of reference point to the game.

As for the area of live poker games there have been various enquiries about tipping within casino’s especially those located in Las Vegas. I have not been to Las Vegas, but I know that in the UK it is really hot issue with establishments especially restaurants using the tips as part of the wages, which was pretty standard. Quite clearly I am against this dubious practice and a definitive guide should be done on this subject.

Being a premier online poker blogging website it is clear that issues such as poker rake backs, cash backs, free roll tournament strategy and other such things need to be explained as this can lead to total confusion for the recreational players who can get confused by all these schemes. To tell you the truth it confuses me and I am minded to say where there is a scheme, there is a schemer! I will say no more.

The industry is changing and we will be changing to reflect this, however, we will never submit to anyone who want to us to be a straight forward poker, site we will always be eclectic, we will always be irreverent about the world of poker and also comment on other things which on the face of it have nothing to do with poker but as you know my view is life is a poker game just as silly and raw. I would like your views on this so send me a message – ideally it should be on the forum but I am to anally retentive to let spammers have their way so drop me a line via this link <CONTACT>.