Poker Totty St Valentines Freeroll

Its that time again a day to chuck away money on the person you want to have sex with for the next year or so. If you do not spend tons of cash on chocolates, flowers, dinner, wine and song you might as well go live in a monastery and kiss good bye to carnal knowledge for ever!

So to help all those love sick puppies out there to put some money back into your pocket, we have organised a freeroll competiton to help with the finances. Obviously that means you have to sort out the fluff earlier on and make sure that your partner is well and truly drunk so that they do not bother you and your mission to play Texas Hold ‘Em for real cash.

I am not being a cynic but just hate the idea of a day designed by greeting card companies taking over my life effectively. This causes me great heart ache because the day becomes one big ‘my gift is bigger than your gift’ day, and, if you don’t measure up you are in trouble.

In the past I have gone out of my way to create a row then making up on the day because any present given is a result, but those days are over and it is now a straight trade off. So my advice to those people out there is do breakfast and lunch, make sure loads of alcohol is consumed by your partner or the object of your desire and then the rest of the day is yours.

The session starts at 20:00 (8pm GMT) and the blinds go up every 10 minutes.

Remember to click the banner and it will take you to Mansion Poker to go and register or follow this link <ST VALENTINES TOURNAMENT>

The all important Bonus Code is PKNV