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Pokerknave Blogger Tournament

Pokerknave Blogger Tournament

For those who regular read this blog you will probably realise that my attention to details can be a bit suspect. In fact it could be said that I have the attention span of a gnat. However, you will also notice that I do come up with some brilliant promotion and today I announce another to get the juices flowing.

Again with Mansion Poker we have an exclusive Texas Hold Em tournament, which on paper is insignificant but in practice is all about bragging rights. Who is the best poker playing blogger?

So many bloggers write about poker, now lets see how they actually play. I will be inviting bloggers from all over the world, except from the home of poker the U.S of A! It still astound me that the nation who brought us poker, the commercialisation of the Internet, the concept of the ‘pursuit of happiness’ as a constitutional right and the mighty dollar, are not allowed to play poker online – but I digress!

So the turbo tournament takes place on Sunday 21st of February 2010, at 8pm GMT (20:00) and the entry fee is a paltry $1.00+0.10, with a guaranteed prize money of $150 so the action will be fast and furious, all courtesy of Mansion Poker.

Click either the banner on this page or this link. Do not forget the bonus code PKNV.

Don’t forget the tournament on Sunday 14th of February which is the St Valentines Day Tournament.This one is a freeroll and the prize money is $150. Again this all starts at 8pm GMT. The bonus code is PKNV.