In The Poker World This Weekend

Always be prepared

While the world of poker at had been somewhat suspended due to the Cheltenham Festival and The Six Nations Rugby tournament, it is time to take stock of the various attempts by various bodies to get online poker legalised in the US. Basically the governing bodies do not seem to be interested and we limp onwards to

November 2012 when the new President, whoever he or she maybe, will hopefully see sense.

The reason why the election is crucial is that the politics in the US looks quite poisonous  and Barack Obama would be attacked mercilessly if he were to introduce legislation to de-criminalise the game of pure capitalist behaviour on a platform created by US engineering and fore sight. Quite a double as it would have been almost unthinkable that the nation that was the bulwark against Communism is acting like communist!

It will eventually be legal to play online poker in the US, but, in the meantime the world of poker will have to sit back and watch the puritans and the crackpots whip themselves into righteous indignation that poker online is the road to Hades and the hell within it.

The poolknave project is still on course. Just some tweaking and touching up to take place and the world of poker and pool will never be the same. We still need your input so if you like to play the English version of pool commonly called ‘8 ball’ pool or you just have an interest in cue sports generally then please let us know how you see things developing. And if you play poker AND pool then we need to have discussions urgently.

On a personal front I got involved in two pub poker games as a way of not being in a too taxing environment with the prospect of winning a few quid to boot. Well my good friends it was pure carnage. In one tournament I only played two hands and I was eliminated and in the second one I had Ace King and my opponent had 6 – 4 unsuited! Guess who won?

If I could I would just stick to The Magical Tipster as his betting can be sublime and very profitable even as a ‘bet to lay’ prospect, because stealing a few quid from drunken players is getting harder as information and experience overcome prejudice. 

As a postscript to the wonders of the Cheltenham Festival tipping competition. A client of a friend had 5 winners on Thursday which for a pound (£1), would have provided a return of well over £100,000+! Just goes to show that The Magical Tipster can still be beaten when it comes to tipping.