Challenging The Austerity Death Cult

François Hollande - President of France

Is this really the guy who is going to save the ordinary man and woman from those who want to impose the ‘Austerity Death Cult Regime’ on the World, in order to save the bankers and their bosses, for the next 20 years or so? Apparently he is according to his rhetoric.

François Hollande comes straight out of the Hollywood idea of the accidental hero. He looks like he should be auditioning for a  part in Twin Towers or some such fancy dress films. Maybe Asterix would be more his bag. Whatever film it could be the fact is he is the new President of France and he has made his name opposing the idea that we the people will need to suffer and pay more for things because the bankers need a new yacht. They need a new yacht so they must have bonuses even though they made a loss and the other rich people need a tax cut because they need more money in their pocket than the poor or middle classes.

The World need new thinking and Hollande is promising this.  Angela Merkel is a fully paid up member of the austerity cult, Barack Obama is dealing with racist fruit cakes who still believe he was born in Kenya, Jo Hintao is in the middle of a very Chinese coup involving the removal of Bo Xilai, Putin has just committed electoral fraud even though he didn’t have too and David Cameron is a busted flush. Enter the new champion of the proletariat!

The man from  Tulle in Correze region of France will have his work cut out. The dogma of the moment is that cut everything to the bone and increase tax via VAT and other sale tax methods to reduce the deficit. Hopefully growth will follow as regulations get burned out of existence. What Hollande needs to do is to show the world that this is not necessarily the way to go and that massive growth and a fairer tax regime can also do the job. It will be an interesting few years as the populace of the world reject all those that were around when Lehman’s Day led the charge to ruin.