The Queen As A Poker Player

Elizabeth the Second

The Queen, is the longest surviving monarch in the world so in a poker school of thought she would be the ultimate grinder. A grinder is someone who can stay with the pack and be the last person standing. Playing their hand only when it is right and they will win.

As a constitutional monarch The Queen has to be seen and not heard. They are there to advise and lead the nation through an elected parliament. This is a difficult thing to do, as The Queen is also responsible for the well being of the nation and to defend the faith (or faiths) which has a major philosophical tenet of treating everyone equally and properly.

As a grinder you will have to sit back and not make a move but watch and learn. Throwing away good playing hands, which can be out drawn and if your opponent has a tendency to take major risks your hand could be out drawn. The position you hold is not a good position to be playing bad or marginal hands, so you have to hold back your chips till a better position present itself. This has been The Queen’s position for over 60 years.

In a way she is always comes across as a person of duty first and passion second, therefore not a natural poker player or politician. For The Queen it is about doing the right thing and she takes the role seriously. This is the attitude that a online poker grinder needs to take. Your emotions are to be held in check, and to treat a winning hand and a losing hand exactly the same. This sort of attitude is typical of some of her generation and in a lot of ways this attitude is dying out which is a shame. A similar person of her generation would be Nelson Mandela.

Every now and then a grinder has to make a move to re-establish their ranking on the table. It requires skill and timing and on several occasions The Queen has shown impeccable skill and timing. The obvious one which everyone who was around at the time witness, was the death of Princess Diana. The Queen pulled off a major pot by re-affirming to the nation that she was not  just The Queen but also the heart broken grandmother of the nation.

It has always amused me that when republicans get cornered and asked who would they have a president if they got rid of the monarch, invariably they will say The Queen. Basically it is a vindication that what ever your position on monarchs and the reason for the existence, sometimes a person is just what is required to do that job and a vote is not needed but a call of affirmation is and they have it.