The French Dilemma

Kate Middleton Topless

The French just can’t win! They see themselves as lovers of freedom, privacy, sexuality and ultimately the rights of man. However, they still hanker for royalty which they are supposed to loath.

Kate getting stripped


Remember after the French Revolution they got rid of a king and got an emperor in the form of Napoleon and a massive war to boot. So in the country that still says that Princess Diana was killed by reckless driving, and, that they lost the white Fiat which was supposed to have hit her car. It was only right and proper that they publish pictures of the next Queen of England – Kate Middleton.

Kate getting cream on her back

Now the way these pictures were taken is still a mystery. Obviously they were taken buy a long range lens and obviously they were taken without permission. But in France they have privacy laws which apparently make it illegal to delve into peoples private lives without their permission.

This I believe can lead to fines and all sorts, so a call had to be made and the French publication owned by Silvio Berlusconi decided to print and be damned.

Clearly they will be found guilty and clearly it has been accounted for by the owners of the magazine. Hmmmm a fine from the French courts and loads of magazine sales, worldwide publicity, increased advertisement revenue, or principles and under-playing the very notion of royalty and especially royalty as celebrity….tough choice for the French magazine Closer.

Kate Middleton in Closer

Kate Middleton in Closer



This follows on from the little incidence in Las Vegas in which Prince Harry was filmed playing ‘strip billiards‘ with some young ladies in a hotel. This time it was an inside job by the young ladies in filming the prince chilling out and some people took the view that it was private and should not have been treated as a public interest issue.

I feel sorry for Kate Middleton. She has just been told that her being a commoner means that she has to bow down to Princess Beatrice and Eugenie because they are royal blood and Kate isn’t. This begs the question if and when she becomes queen would Queen Kate have to  still bow down to Princess Beatrice and Eugenie? Anyway after the royal wedding the press and paparazzi have new targets and they are going to get it now. 

Kate Middleton enjoying some relaxation

Kate Middleton enjoying some relaxation